Ramana Vieira - Contemporary
Fado Singer

As one of today’s pioneers of modern Fado music, Ramana Vieira is creating current, new compositions while respecting the traditions of classical Fado. As a resident of San Leandro, CA, Vieira is passionate about exploring new avenues for Fado music in the United States, combining tradition with her own breath of new life. Contact us if you would like to collaborate with Fado artist Ramana Vieira or to learn more about her music. We are always open to working with agents, management and major labels.

Ramana has ranked in the top 10 on Ethnocloud!

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As seen on  Good Day Sacramento - CBS NEWS 

"Fado Da Vida" as directed by Helder Pedro

Ramana Vieira - FADO DA VIDA music video Directed by Hélder Pedro, produced by Entao Productions.

Povo Que Lavas No Rio

Featured in the New York TImes. Ramana Vieira & Ensemble Performance at the Gallo Center for the Arts, Modesto California

"Ai Mouraria" 

Most Viewed Video. Ramana Vieira live in concert with ensemble at the beautiful, historic theater Firehouse art's center. April 2nd, 2011. This song is a tribute to the legendary Amália Rodrigues.

Livestream Performance 

FADO MARUJO. A Fado by Amalia Rodrigues. This is from our Sofia Theater Live Stream on May 7th, 2021

"Coimbra" performed at the Gallo Theater Oct. 13, 2018

Portuguese folkloric song, "Coimbra" performed by Ramana Viera & Ensemble live at the Gallo Center for the Arts, October 13, 2018.

Trago Fados Nos Sentidos

March 5, 2015 Sound Room Oakland, CA 


Ramana's songs released over the past few years