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Ramana Vieira has a deep, personal relationship to Fado music. Born in San Leandro, CA to Portuguese immigrants, she was raised on a diet of traditional Fado music that has made its way into the very core of her being. With inspiration from Amália Rodrigues to Shakira and Dulce Pontes, Vieira and her ensemble play both classics and their own original music. Just take a look at Vieira’s Fado music reviews from the press.


Words from the Press:


Andrew Gilbert, Boston Globe

“Ramana Vieira deserves a prominent place in the front rank of today’s Fado singers, you will feel transported to another place....maybe Bairro Alto, Lisbon... Ramana Vieira is a force in spreading awareness of Fado, having developed her style in California, abroad in Portugal, and listening to its many modes."


"Known as the Portuguese incarnation of the blues, Fado is characterized by mournful, haunting music full of longing and despair. Ramana Vieira of San Leandro, CA has been hailed as “the rising star in world music” by the San Francisco Examiner and noted for having “developed her style in California [and] abroad in Portugal” (Boston Globe). With prominent appearances on the world stage, Vieira has performed across the United States, Portugal and China."

Brett Campbell, Eugene Weekly

"If anyone can expand Fado’s audience and take the music from Portuguese dive bars to PBS specials, it’s Vieira."


Alex-De Lusignan, Lyricist

“Ramana is a hidden gem which the world deserves to discover: Her music blends together the most unlikely basic components - Californian ease and carefree spirit, with stern, melancholy, ancient Portuguese ... and the result is a fascinating and unique style where Fado, Jazz, Groove, Ethereal, Blues, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Lounge, Classical and even Trance surprise you every time. She’s passionate and light, like a warm sunset!"


San Francisco Examiner

"The Rising Star in World Music"


Mundo Portugues

"The New Voice of Portuguese World Music"


Legends Radio

“She is most definitely a star.”


Pete Crooks, Diablo Valley Magazine

"A World music treat!--Centuries of traditional Portuguese folk music get a 21st century upgrade when East Bay native, Ramana Vieira, the top Fado singer in the United States, performs."


Andrew Gilbert, San Francisco Chronicle

"No one in the United States is doing more to breathe new life into Fado than Ramana Vieira, a sultry, dramatic singer."


Discover Ramana Vieira for Yourself

Ramana Vieira is known as one of the pioneers of current American Fado music. To listen to Vieira’s recordings or to learn more about her music, we invite you to contact us.

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